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Check out a few of our videos & films. Some of these are trailers of larger projects and others are recent works. I'll be happy to discuss any of our projects or a film project your are considering. Email Kevin at or phone (808) 280-1098

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa - Solar Project from Harrington Productions on Vimeo.

The system took three years to plan but only six months to install and will supply more than 6 percent of the resort's annual power needs, the equivalent of supplying electricity to 158 homes. Resort Energy Ventures was the project manager and designer of the system and HNU Energy was the contractor.

The partnership included Hyatt Hotel Corp., Host Hotels and Resorts Inc., and Maui Electric Co.

HNU ENERGY engineered and installed the largest solar carport in Maui County with 1740 panels rated at 565kW. Custom designed, locally fabricated concrete “T” columns and all aluminum racking with 100% stainless steel fittings minimize the impact of this highly corrosive marine environment.

Over 60 truckloads of concrete fill the 5’ footings to withstand sustained winds in excess of 110 MPH.

Film trailer produced & directed by Kevin Harrington
Music composed by Henry Jackman
Length - 3:23

A video summary of the 2011 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference.

The AMOS Conference remains the premier conference in the nation devoted to space surveillance. The cross section of military, contractor, and academic participation in the field of space situational awareness is unmatched by any other conference in the world, as evidenced by the continued growth in attendance, and the corresponding increase in technical excellence and collaboration.

Harrington Productions has covered this event and produced a promo video for the past 4 years!



The Place Where We Belong, Ho'i I Ka Piko (A Sense of Place)

This film explores the essential relationship people of a rural fishing village on the south shore of Maui have with their land, each other and celebrates the importance Keawala'i Church takes in preserving the Hawaiian cultural traditions of music, hula, food, and language.


Blood Ties is a television series bringing descendants disconnected from their culture back into connection with it. Cultures throughout the world have traditional values and customs that propel individual and ethnic success.

The common denominator of each series of Blood Ties is finding the roots of the culture and sending descendants back to those native roots for a ‘crash course’ with native and traditional elders. Blood Ties Hawaii will be the first pilot.