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ArtScapes, The Power of Culture and Art

Healing the Human Body, Spirit and Environment


Written by Joanna Jeronimo



Intro segment, title animation and Joanna stand-up

1. The Return of the Hokule’a (Maui, Oahu, and South Sea Islands)

We will open with a provocatively suspenseful look at the Hokule'a and other Hawaiian voyaging canoes. Experts will share with us how these canoes have not only created an unparalleled resurgence of Hawaiian culture, but other Pacific Rim cultures as well. The Return of the Hokule’a will become a metaphor for the journeys that we can all undertake to revitalize and restore vigor to our own lives. We will end this Premiere Issue with the second half of this story.

Maui Bumper about Beauty & Culture leading into Maui Arts & Culture Center

2. The Golden Tea Room and Yoshida Prints (Maui, Japan and international images)

While viewing this exhibit of Japanese National Treasures at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, we will explore how the Mokichi Okada Association uses beauty to "remove spiritual clouds from the spirit and the body". We will discover how to harness the power of "Jorei," the Medical Art of Japan to heal ourselves.

Joanna - Tea Break Bumper

3. 12th Annual Maui Marine Art Expo (Maui and International Artists)

While humpbacks breech and dive in the background, Jean-Michel Cousteau will explain have the Marine Art Movement is revitalizing our oceans. Also featured will be Allan Tom of the Humpback Sanctuary and the artist of the Expo.

Joanna stand-up

4. Andrea Smith...A Message of Global Harmony (Maui & around the world)

This artists’ playful and peace filled images are universally popular. In an intimate interview we will discover the source and inspiration for these images and the artist herself. From Maui to Russia and throughout the world, we will discover how art is bearing the message of peace and working to restore harmony.

Joanna stand-up

 5. The Hula...Ka Hula Piko, the Birth Place of Hula (Molokai, Maui, Oahu)

The Piko is the bellybutton. The visible point where the human was connected to its source of life. Hula is the art of honoring life. Kumu Hulas will take us on a spiritual journey with messages to inspire us all.

 Joanna stand-up

6. The Lua...Hokule’a Return Celebration (Oahu, Molokai and Pacific Rim Countries)

Here we will explore the cultural significance of the Hula and the Lua, the other side of hula. First, the men and women of Hawaii will publicly perform their Lua for the first time in over 200 years. Through the drama and tension filled ceremony we discover why this fierce ceremony existed and why it was repressed and what its reclamation has meant to the cultures of the entire Pacific Rim.

7. Close

Here Joanna wraps-it-up and announces upcoming shows.


ArtScapes, The Power of Culture and Art
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The Power of
Culture and Art"

We are very excited about "ArtScapes". A very impressive program. The camerawork is superb and the hosting is intelligent and stylish. We are going to premiere it during our sweeps week in May. That's how much we like the program. Kevin Harrington and Joanna Jeronimo should be proud!

Carlos Molina, Program Director
Hawaii Public Television

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Harrington Productions
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Haliimaile, HI 96768


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