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Video Produced by Harrington Productions

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii - Check out our documentaries and other works. Harrington Productions will be posting HD stock footage to this site in the future.

ArtScapes, The Power of Culture and Art
 2000, USA Color, English TRT 57 Min.
"We are very excited about "ArtScapes". A very impressive program. The camerawork is superb and the hosting is intelligent and stylish. Kevin Harrington and Joanna Jeronimo should be proud!" Carlos Molina, Program Director - Hawaii Public Television
This award-winning documentary film explores the power inherent in art and culture, bringing it into our everyday lives, and enriching us. There are six unique stories in this premier edition of ArtScapes looking at the inherent healing powers within art and culture. We answer the questions: "Do beautiful works of art really have the ability to physically heal the human body? How does a Polynesian voyaging canoe restore entire cultures in the Pacific Rim? Can an art trend save an endangered species? Do individuals have any significant impact on world peace?"
In this compelling film, Hawaii, the crowning jewel of Pacific Rim culture, becomes the backdrop for captivating cultural and artistic images that hold deeper values and spiritual truths that can empower our own lives. The film looks at the deeper meaning of art as it resonates in our spirits, elevating us beyond our ordinary lives into the realm of excellence and unlimited potential.
Hawaiian Culture has a rich history of deep intrinsic principles that the people of Hawaii hold sacred. This film is a tribute to these inherent human values. Culture and art are therefore essential and powerful companions for our individual and collective journey from where we are now to all that we are destined to be.
Originally aired on PBS. Executive Producer and Director of Photography Kevin Harrington. Producer, Writer, and Creative Director Joanna Jeronimo.
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